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As the pioneers of Spring Break famously said, “Let the beer and rum punch flow like wine.” We’re a little rusty with history, but nonetheless we are carrying on the tradition by flippin’ cups by the pool, booty shaking on the beach, and shutting down the club when the rooster crows. This is Spring break baby. The most insane week of your existence.

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Science has confirmed that this ski and snowboarding trip is the cats pajamas. And by cats pajamas we mean it’s really f**king bad ass. Shredding gnar, hot tubbing with a bunch of beauties, top of the mountain parties, and enough adult beverages to make your heart smile. Christopher Columbus didn’t call this the best trip he has ever been on for nothing.

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So, who the hell is Campus Vacations?

Campus Vacations has been slingin’ the best ski trips since 04’ and the most insane Spring Break trips since 2011. Traveling over 100+ campuses across Canada, USA, and Europe, Campus Vacations is an industry leader when it comes to student travel.

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who the hell is Campus Vacations?
Campus Vacations Campus Vacations
- Everyone ever

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Travelling is always better when you’re with all of your friends. If you have a group of 20+ we’ll hook you up with some big time student group discounts.

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