Sunset Party Girls

June 7, 2020

After a seriously long day of working on your tan, it’s time to show off your new bronze under the glow of evening lights.

Gather your girls (and boys) and pick your adventure for the night…

Step 1: Check your itinerary and find out what CV events are lined up that week…

Step 2: Choose wisely. Or actually choose them all.

Step 3: Find your best outfit(s).

Step 4: Decide which friend has the best room to get ready in, and then throw a mini party before the big party.

Step 5: Don’t forget your lipstick. Also ice…ice is very important.

When the sun goes down, Spring Break comes alive…

Wherever the destination, we include nightly events, so leave the organizing to CV, and dance any worries away!

Get ready to stroll into an epic nightclub, or maybe a moon lit beach party, and find your friends…did we mention it’s OPEN BAR?

Sunset | Sunrise

Wether your day turns into night, or your night turns into day, you’ll never have another one like it. Make it count, then count your memories.