Las Caletas

May 8, 2020
relaxing in a hammock
beach life in PV
beach life in PV

It was 9:00am

when we all boarded the speedboat at the dock, scheduled to take us on a 30 minute cruise south of Puerto Vallarta to a private beach for a casual day of swimming, hiking, and hammock chilling. Before we even landed at our destination a pod of dolphins decided to check us out!

With their curiosity splashing to the surface, dozens of them surrounded us as the boat slowed to a stop.

Excitement was already in the air….

local food in puerto vallarta
local food in puerto vallarta

Landing at our destination, we picked up our flip flops and jumped into the shallow water as we descended the boat. Greeted by friendly staff and trays of drinks, it definitely wasn’t too early for cervezas! A leisurely hike through the jungle, and we reached a clearing to find the most perfect spot for a quick ocean dip.

Lunchtime snuck up on us, so it was time to head over to the beachfront restaurant. On our way there we passed a sea of hammocks along the sand. Obviously we had to stop for a chill sesh, dipping our toes in the water as we swayed in the breeze. 

Authentic hand made tacos and a refreshing Margarita to finish off this perfect afternoon.

hammock life
old car in PV
old car in pv