Easy Breeze

May 7, 2020
sunglasses on the beach sunglasses on the beach

Wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere warm,

where all your worries just drifted away? 

Well, we know just the place…

friends on the beach
friends on the beach

We opted for the perfection of the beach.

Arriving at The Melia hotel in Nassau Bahamas, the gentle breeze carried over us. Staring out from the hotel into nothing but turquoise colors, suddenly our minds could relax!

The biggest decision of the day was:  “do we order a drink on the beach or by the pool”?! 

We opted for the perfection of the beach.

nassau beach
nassau beach

With good vibes all around us, we laughed, we swam, we met new friends, waiting for the events of the day to unfold!

Wondering what else might be in store for us this week, we realized whatever it was…

was going to be a breeze.

beach fun
beach hut
beach life