Cabo Catamaran

June 3, 2020
Cabo Swim

“Boat life just isn’t for me” – said no one ever…

If you’ve ever been to Cabo, you already know that taking a trip out into the big blue will get you the best views of the infamous rock formations locally known as “El Arco”. The distinctive archways can be found at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, and is in fact the most southern tip of the entire Baja California Peninsula, a region which spreads over 800 miles along the Pacific Coast from Tijuana all the way south. The Baja is known for it’s surf, its expansive dessert, and it’s very active Ocean (make sure you keep your eyes peeled for whales), but above all it’s known for some of the best hotels, restaurants and parties, it’s the spot to be.

We grabbed our gang, and packed bags for the day. Our Catamaran was ready and waiting for us to hop on board and get the day startedddddd. Did I mention they had a cooler of ice cold beers for us?!

Our capitan toured us through the waves, then as the boat slowed we all looked around.

Huge rock formations surrounded us, but wait! It get’s better. We all jumped off the boat into the sea, and swam our way over to this beautiful beach called “Lovers Beach”. Flawless by nature, it was decided that we should explore the island. Rock climbing our way through caves and crevasses, we wandered until someone got thirsty and decided it was (once again) beer o’clock. No objections here!

a perfect way to spend a perfect day…

As we climbed back on board, to our surprise, the crew had prepared lunch for us to enjoy under the sun. The entire excursion only took up a few hours of the day, so as we sailed back into the harbor we were happy to notice we still had the entire day to do…well, whatever we wanted to do.

A hot tip

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.