Safety Information

We take your safety seriously, so you can focus on having fun

We want every trip you take with Campus Vacations to be the best experience you ever have – and that starts by making sure you stay safe. We go further than any other student travel organizer to keep you out of harm’s way, without crowding you or interfering with your plans.

Over 500,000 students have traveled safely with Campus Vacations

Handpicked Partners

We travel to each destination to thoroughly vet all of our partners, inspect hotels, choose reputable partners and handpick all vendors.

Real-Time Alerts

All travelers receive real-time SMS and email reminders of their itineraries, as well as safety tips and emergency alerts.

Safety Instructions

We offer guidance to all travelers and international trips begin with orientations to explain local laws and emergency protocol.

Travel Advice, DO NOT:

(staying safe is everyone’s responsibility, so behave appropriately on any trip)

  • Remove your wristband or ID
  • Accept drinks from strangers
  • Carry open containers of alcohol in the street
  • Travel without travel insurance

We also provide

  • On-Site Support: We have a team on-site 24/7 for all spring break, ski/snowboard and Vegas senior trips. In addition, all of our spring break trips have a team of U.S. law enforcement professionals on-site
  • Digital Wristbands: All students traveling to international destinations receive digital wristbands, which alert us in real-time if a student is admitted into one of our hospital partners.

Staying informed is the first step towards staying safe. Our travel advisers are always happy to answer your questions, but we also recommend consulting the US State Department and CDC for recent safety news and travel advisories.