S-Trip! Reviews

Toronto-based S-Trip! (short for Student Trip) is a travel and tourism company created specifically to offer high school students the ultimate graduation trip experience. Originally established to provide 20 friends an epic, once-in-a-lifetime trip, over the last three decades, S-Trip! has grown to provide world-class international holidays to students in Canada and the United States.

S-Trip reviews

S-Trip! is part of a rapidly growing travel tourism company that includes Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Stoke Travel, and Unleashed Travel. While each company is uniquely designed to provide tours and trips aimed at students and youth, they all are part of the of the larger I Love Travel brand.

S-Trip!, which is I Love Travel’s oldest subsidiary business, started in 1976 by two teachers under Handa Travel, who wanted to offer students exciting excursions that also helped showcase indigenous culture. S-Trip! now operates out of offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, and the Dominican Republic and offers a variety of fulfilling volunteer opportunities aimed at enriching each traveler’s experience.

Over its 35 years of operation, S-Trip! has become a leader in student tourism. The company’s success relies heavily on its mantra, which was created by S-Trip! staff in 2012.

S-Trip reviews

The 5-point mantra describes the expectations and responsibilities of S-Trip! travelers and staff and is as follows.

1) Share the journey
2) Embrace everyone
3) Make an impact
4) Bring the fun
5) Go beyond

Each S-Trip! is built on a premise of inclusivity, which is evident in the “share the journey” and the “embrace everyone” mantras. Each traveler and staff member is asked to be impactful in a positive way to fellow vacationers and the natural population. This all culminates in a fun vacation that is a #TripofaLifetime.

S-Trip!’s commitment to tourism excellence has earned the company the title of Canada’s fastest-growing student focused tour provider. A recognition that is also evidenced by the many positive S-Trip! reviews written by travelers and featured throughout S-Trip!’s website.

“The expectations for S-Trip! were beyond high and it is easy to say that they were met. Spending a week in a tropical place with all of your friends is already amazing enough, but S-Trip! was able to make the trip much more than anyone could have asked for,” reads one of the S-Trip! reviews.

S-Trip reviews

S-Trip!’s success hinges on its unique business model of employing former travelers who know what teens are looking for in vacation and tourism opportunities. With more than 500 employees working out of seven international offices, S-Trip! has taken over 125,000 students on trips to destinations like Cuba, Pacific Mexico, the Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica.

One of the latest additions to the S-Trip! holiday agenda is the inclusion of volunteer opportunities on every trip. Volunteer activities help students interact with the locals, as well as give back to the communities they are visiting.

Last year, 5,300 S-Trip! travelers participated in various volunteering efforts. This included 15,000 hours of volunteer work completed on the part of S-Trip! vacationers and 1,300 hours of volunteer work completed by S-Trip! staff.

For 2016, S-Trip! expects 6,000 of its travelers to volunteer more than 18,000 total hours in numerous international volunteering projects.