Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Campus Vacations’s Payment Plan option (the “Payment Plan Option”) allows you to purchase certain Services (as defined in Campus Vacations’s Terms of Service, which can be found HERE) and pay the total amount due (the “Balance”) through payment plan payments (“Payment Plan Payments”) over a specified amount of time.

The amount and number of the Payment Plan Payments will be calculated as follows: The Service price will be divided by the number of monthly payments. Shipping and handling and applicable taxes will be added to the first payment. In some instances, the product price cannot be paid in precisely equal payments. When that occurs, Campus Vacations may adjust the first payment appropriately to make sure the purchase price is paid in full.

Further, by selecting the Payment Plan Option you agree to and acknowledge the following:

I authorize Campus Vacations, its authorized representatives and service providers, to initiate electronic charges from the account I designated at the time of purchase to make the Payment Plan Payments due under the Payment Plan Option.

At the time of purchase I was made aware and agree to the specific dates of the Payment Plan Payments will begin and end, as well as the amount of each Payment Plan Payment, respectively.

I am responsible for paying each of the Payment Plan Payments on time even if I do not receive a reminder notice.

I am responsible for paying the Balance for Services contracted in full even if I do not use the Services. Campus Vacations’s cancellation terms as set forth in its Terms of Service, which can be found HERE, apply to all purchase of Services, including those using the Payment Plan Payments. I must officially cancel the Services per the Terms of Service to be eligible for any available refund/reduction of Balance.

One missed payment may result in cancellation of the Services to be provided. Upon a missed payment the Balance may be due immediately and Services will be subject to cancellation for non-payment.

If an electronic charge for a Payment Plan Payments is declined, you allow Campus Vacations to resubmit the charge within ten (10) days. If the electronic charge is declined after being resubmitted as permitted by this provision, we may charge you late charges and costs of collection up to the maximum amount allowed by law. In order to avoid declines, you agree to provide us with updated information if the number changes on your designated account or the account expires, and you authorize us to charge updated card information that we may obtain from other sources.

Past due payments are subject to Campus Vacations dispute resolution policy contained its Terms of Services, which can be found HERE.

You must choose to participate in Payment Plan Payments at the time you place your order. Payment Plan Payments cannot be used with an existing order.

By purchasing any product with Payment Plan Payments you agree to be bound by Campus Vacations’s Terms of Service, which can be found HERE, including the above terms and conditions for Payment Plan Payments.